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British Airways Cargo

  • SITUATION: Site visits went from 75K a month to 40K

  • TASK: How to show the value of IAG Cargo in one glance and get better traction

  • ACTION: I designed a new "products menu" (B2B & B2C)

  • RESULTS: I got the job as PM @ BA!

Glisser - Onboarding

  • SITUATION: Drop off on the onboarding.

  • TASK: How to reshape the onboarding CX, so the user will feel product's value - even before the setup is complete.

  • ACTION: RE-designed the onboarding in a "bread crumbs" manner.

  • RESULTS: Pitched it to the CEO that loved it.

B-Tuki: Kids mobile app

  • SITUATION: After creating 3D character to Israel biggest telecom brand BezeQ, the brand wanted an app.

  • TASK: To find big use and value taking the character into an app

  • ACTION: WE dev an app for kids, like the "talking cat" viral app.

  • RESULTS: The app reached Israel top 5 apps.

Santander calculator

  • SITUATION: With all of family costs & Mortgage, how much a family needs to save for a new house/refresh their current home?

  • TASK: Interview friends about their costs and needs, and researched UK Av. family costs.

  • ACTION: Designed a calculator which is easy to use that can provide an instant answers!

  • RESULTS: Pitched this to Santander stakeholders in Leicester.

Notion android app

  • SITUATION: Notion scaled up to be viral on desktop, but the app didn't went viral at all.

  • TASK: to learn about Notion users' needs and align that to the app.

  • ACTION: Designed a new app for Notion - aligned to the most demand needs of Notion users (with the most wanted Notion's templates needs).

  • RESULTS: Pitched this to Ivan, Notion CEO, and he liked it.

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